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I sell ESC (Email Sending Credit).

ESC is email credits that you can use to send emails.
Each email you send counts as 1 ESC.
Your ESCs never expire. They're immortal unless you use them.

How does it work?

Say you have 15.000 email subscribers.
And you want to broadcast email every Mondays and Fridays.

That means...
15.000 x 8 = 120.000 ESCs
So, You'd need 120.000 ESCs per month.

Here's the best part.
Your 120.000 ESCs don't expire. You can still use them next month if you haven't spent them all at once.

How cool is that 😎

Who Needs ESC?

Online Coaches
School Administration
Online Business

Select Your Price:

78 USD

100.000 ESCs
No Expiration date
Unlimited Contacts
Unlimited Domains

317 USD

500.000 ESCs
No Expiration date
Unlimited Contacts
Unlimited Domains

427 USD

1.000.000 ESCs
No Expiration date
Unlimited Contacts
Unlimited Domains

😀 Remember, your ESCs don't expire.
😀 You can use them all at once or use them little by little.

Benefits You get:

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Extra Bonus You get


1 Email Credit = 1 Email Sent. So, 50.000 Email Credits = 50.000 Emails you can send.

Bounce is invalid or inactive email, unregistered domain dan reported spam email. When Bounce happens, we will reduce 30 of your email credits. This is as pinalty and fee to clean up your lists. All email bounce will be automatically deleted from your lists.

Like all email providers, Spamming is not allowed. If you insisted, all consequences on you.

All SPAMMING activities will be review to be banned.

Email Credit does not have expiration date. Only runs out when used, there is no expiration date that harms you.

There is not limit the number of domains, lists, contacts and use as much as you want. The restrictions are only based on remaining email credits.

If you want a REFUND, we have a requirement, 3 days after the account is active, it turns out that the Service is not working as we said and the credit usage is still below 200, then we will do a REFUND.

Mesta ESC is not:

We at do not provide any email lists. We can help you get more email list by joining our membership program. It’s free once you’ve purchased any ESC packages.

We send your emails directly to your subscribers’ inbox. If you don’t have Email marketing software to send emails, you can install Mautic Free and open source Email Marketing software. - #EmailForever
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